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It gave me a little chuckle. I only gave it 4/5 because I'd like for it to be longer and maybe a stronger punchline.

WTG Juney!

Well done for your first flash- it blows mine out of the water :p
but next time go for the gusto and make it longer. :D

...If you haven't guessed this is Katriana from Gaia.

quite possibly the worst

Definitely one of THE worst movies I have ever seen. Why do you make a GIANT flash that takes all freaking day to load, and not even make it any good? What is your problem!?
It's not bad enough you are wasting peoples time, you're wasting NewGrounds bandwidth and space! Don't tell me it takes 5 people to make something like this!
Stop wasting everyones time and make something good, I'm sure you can do it if you actually try!

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FourStar responds:


Oddly enough, I liked it.

Maybe I've been awake too long, but I found it really funny. I loved the bit where he drops his joint, that was funny.
Now for the "helpfull advice" To add a little more attention retention value to it, add some more dance moves to what box boy does instead of just the same repetitive thing over and over?

But anyways, good work, keep it up.


*twitch twitch* put in seizure warning. Danger to epileptics and border line epileptics.

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considering I absolutely hate 99% of stick flash, achieving not bad is quite a feat.

ZT responds:

Interesting. Thanks I think...??

my ears!

oh god my ears my ears! I clicked that fucked up little whatever it was button and the scream sound effect hurt my ears. owwwwwwww. They should ban that sound effect.

pretty good

your voices and sound definitely need some work. I think I may be the umpteenth person to say that.
But that was the only repeat only thing that stopped me from giving you a perfect 5. Keep up the work, I'm looking forward to episode 2. This has some serious potential.

hmm... a bit of friendly advice.

Rather than making the viewer right click to play it, why not just put in a play button? Just trying to be helpfull, happy animating ^_^

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the hell?

uhm a couple things- one, back away from the mic- I can hear you breathing. Two, the plot made no damn sense. I mean- up to a point it did, but wtf is up with the power ranger?
Yeah- I laughed. At the complete lack of coherent story line.

StealthZeus responds:

well its part of a presentation im gonna do for a project.... so you know... ill talk about it and then show the visual fucker.

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